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Brand Marketing Head @whycreatedaily.inc - The content creator's bible to build a supremely intelligent digital brand that makes you money on auto-pilot. 



Ex- Marketing Head & Brand Building Expert now a Writer, Educator & Brand Consultant, self-taught graphic designer, Constant Learner, Overachiever, and a Personal Growth Activist.


Welcome to my little creative home on the internet: a cozy living room, discussion group, research lab (call it whatever you want), where I teach you my exact steps on how to create a profitable digital business empire from scratch.

Over the past few years I have enrolled myself into various E-Course programs and online trainings to upgrade my skills so that I can build my own 7+ figure income business. 

My work (this site) and anything else that may be offered through my courses and training programs are designed to help you learn the exact steps that you can take right now to create your own digital business empire.

The best part is : you can use the knowledge that you already have and get as creative as you can with your personal brand while also building a strong digital identity that is rooted in intention and driven by passion. 

Liza Sarma

Founder & Brand Consultant @whycreatedaily.inc

All Course For Creators 

about me 

YOU... Just So Much Better!

Your personal development. Your healthy habits. Your genius life & organization hacks. Your fresh digital marketing ideas. Your better mental health. Your self care and a new, empowered you. Yes, YOU!

Create & Teach Anything!

DIY Marketing School for creators like YOU to learn how to build 7+ figures income doing what you love doing the most: Creating.

DIY your digital business empire 

to save your precious time, money and energy.